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Practise, practise, practise for your L2 practical driving assessment!

ALWAYS practise with an appropriate supervisor

If you break this law, you'll lose your licence and pay a fine
Check out here to see who is an appropriate supervisor

The legal limit for novice drivers is Zero (0.00) blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If you are drinking alcohol, don't drive. Driving and alcohol don't mix.

more info

ALWAYS display your L-plates on the front and back of the car

If you break this law, you'll lose demerit points and pay a fine
Remember, if you lose 4 demerit points, you'll lose your novice licence

NEVER drive over 80 km/h (even when speed limit signs display a higher limit)

NEVER drive with ANY alcohol in your body.

If you break this law, you'll have to appear in Court to face a Magistrate who will impose a penalty - the minimum penalty is losing your licence and paying a fine and you'll have to start the learner stage all over again

NEVER tow another vehicle or trailer

ALWAYS carry your licence when driving. If you break this law you'll have to pay a fine

Get as much driving experience as possible over time.

Gradually try driving in different road conditions (gravel, wet, dry roads), different traffic conditions (heavy and light), and different times of day.

You'll be a safer driver if you learn how to drive in these different environments while you are a learner and have someone supervising you

Drive safely 

Don't forget your seatbelt, respect other road users and drive to the conditions

Check out some tips in A Guide to your Driving Assessments.