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Practise, practise, practise!

Remember, you must obey the law at all times - this is so you and others can be safe on the road.  There are tough penalties if you do break the law.  And don't forget the following special conditions that all learners must follow:

Between 2003 and 2007, 13% of novice riders that were killed, were travelling too fast for the prevailing conditions.

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1. ONLY ride a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAM)

2. ALWAYS display your L-plates on the back of the motorcycle

  • If you break this law, you'll lose demerit points and pay a fine
  • Remember, if you lose 4 demerit points, you'll lose your novice licence

3. NEVER ride over 80 km/h (even when speed limit signs display a higher limit)

4. NEVER ride with ANY alcohol in your body

  • If you break this law, you'll have to appear in Court to face a Magistrate who will impose a penalty - the minimum penalty is losing your licence and paying a fine and you'll have to start the learner stage all over again

5. ALWAYS carry your licence when riding

  • If you break this law you'll have to pay a fine

6. Don't carry a pillion passenger

  • Unless you're under instruction and the instructor has held a licence to ride a motorcycle for at least 3 years

7. Get as much riding experience as possible over time

  • Gradually try riding in different road conditions (gravel, wet, dry roads), different traffic conditions (heavy and light), and different times of day.You'll be a safer rider if you learn how to drive in these different environments over time

8. Ride safely

  • Don't forget your helmet, respect other road users and drive to the conditions
  • Check out the Safety Tips page for tips on being a better, safer rider