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Cycling Participation and Rider Perceptions Report

The National Cycling Participation Survey (NCPS) was first undertaken in March 2011, and was repeated in March 2013.

The NCPS provides data on cycling participation at a national level.   The survey design allows for estimates of participation for each state and territory, and the capital cities and non-capital areas within each state and territory.   The survey provides baseline data against which to measure performance towards the National Cycling Strategy target of doubling cycling participation between 2011 and 2016. 
Report (PDF)

Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy (State Growth Website)

The Strategy aims to promote walking and cycling as viable and desirable forms of transport through: improved infrastructure; land use planning; and, behavioural change. It is intended to guide development of walking and cycling as transport options in our urban areas over the long-term by creating a more supportive transport system for pedestrians and cyclists.

Principal Urban Cycling Networks

The Department of State Growth, together with local government representatives, cycling advocacy groups and other community based organisations have undertaken a process to identify the highest priority transport oriented cycling routes in Launceston, Hobart and Devonport/Burnie

Positive Provision Policy For Cycling Infrastructure (PPP)

A Key Priority of the Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy 2010 is to develop guidelines to ensure that cycling and walking needs are considered in the planning and design of new roads and road upgrades on Principal Urban Cycling Networks and other key cycling routes.

Cycleway Directional Signage Resource Manual

The manual is a resource for cycle infrastructure owners to utilise when developing and implementing signage for cycleways and the on-road environment.

Cycling Roundtable Forum Report

A Cycling Roundtable Forum was held at "The Grange" at Campbell Town on 5 November 2013. The Cycling Roundtable Forum was organised by the Department of State Growth, in partnership with Bicycle Tasmania. The Forum was convened under the departments Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy to assess the barriers to cycling participation and options to reduce these barriers.

Algona Road Roundabout - Bike Lanes

The new roundabout at Algona Road at the southern end of Kingston Bypass project includes 'green lanes' for cyclists. The clearly marked green bike lanes are provided to improve safety by creating a dedicated space for cyclists.

Useful Links

Information on Road Rules, Cycling Maps, Advocacy Groups and Education.