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Cycling Roundtable Forum Report

A Cycling Roundtable Forum was held at "The Grange" at Campbell Town on 5 November 2013. The Cycling Roundtable Forum was organised by DIER, in partnership with Bicycle Tasmania. The Forum was convened under DIER's Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy to assess the barriers to cycling participation and options to reduce these barriers.

The catalyst for the Forum was increasing concern over the number of fatilities and injuries to cyclists on the State Road Network, as well as the ongoing debate over the provision of cycling infrastructure and the relative rights of cyclists to access road space.

The Forum brought together a wide range of stakeholders to discuss road safety, road user behaviour, regulation and infrastructure needs, as they relate to the encouragement of cycling as a transport mode.

Among other things, the Forum report by John Wadsley Planning and Heritage Consultancy will be used to inform the development of the Road Safety Advisory Council's Third Action Plan, which will include a focus on vulnerable road suers, such as cyclists and pedestrians. Strategies identified at the Forum will also be considered in the development of actions under the Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy.