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Positive Provision Policy for Cycling Infrastructure (PPP)

The Positive Provision Policy (PPP) was developed by the Passenger Transport Division in consultation with internal stakeholders across the Transport Infrastructure Services and Land Transport Safety Divisions. The PPP will inform State Government decision-making in relation to investment in cycling infrastructure (including bike storage and other end of trip facilities) with regard to:

  1. State-owned roads projects (new works and upgrades)
  2. Retro-fitting cycling infrastructure on State-owned roads
  3. Non-road transport projects
  4. Recommended maintenance regimes for State-owned roads
  5. Roads and Jetties Act 1935 approvals of works by Local Government and others on State Roads
  6. Traffic Act 1925 approvals on Local Government public roads

There will be additional costs up-front in providing for cycling in projects. These costs are difficult to quantify in a general sense but it is arguably cheaper to make provision at the time of infrastructure/engineering works than in retrofitting. Consideration must also be given to the significant benefits in terms of potential crash savings and health outcomes that can be balanced against the probable costs.