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Ride sourcing

From 7 November 2016, ride-sourcing services have been permitted in Tasmania, subject to a range of conditions.

Ride-sourcing platform providers Uber, Shebah, Oscar and Ola have commenced operations in Tasmania. You can visit the platform provider’s website to find out more:

How do I use Ride-sourcing Services in Tasmania?

Ride-sourcing services are pre-booked via a smart phone booking application and payment system.  You need to download an 'app' to use the service.

The driver is required to hold a current Ancillary Certificate, which means they have been assessed as being a fit and proper person to operate a Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV).

All ride sourcing vehicles are required to have undergone a vehicle inspection within the last 12 months.

Note: Ride-sourcing vehicles will not be able to:

  • use taxi ranks
  • accept jobs from passengers ‘hailing’ in the street
  • solicit for passenger trade on a public street (for example by parking your car and calling out to people).

What can I do if I am not happy with the service provided by a Ride-source driver?

If you have a complaint which is of a serious or criminal nature you should contact Tasmania Police immediately all other complaints should be lodged with the platform provider through their on-line application.

If you are not happy with the response you receive from the platform provider, you can send a complaint in writing to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.  You should include as much detail (time, place, event etc.) as possible.

The complaint should be sent to

How do I apply to be a Ride-source driver?

If you want to become a ride-sourcing driver you need to contact a ride sourcing Platform Provider to discuss the application process.

The Platform Provider will advise you if you meet their eligibility requirements.

If you do meet the Platform Provider requirements, you will then need to apply for an Ancillary Certificate (conditions apply).

The platform provider will be able to help you with completing all the necessary documentation.  When your application has been completed, please lodge the application form and documents at Service Tasmania.

PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to provide any ride-sourcing services until you have received confirmation from the Department of State Growth that your application has been successful.

For further information, please email

What is a Platform Provider?

A platform provider is an entity that gives access to allow a ride source driver to deliver ride services, via a booking system, to the public.  However they must meet certain requirements as laid out in the Transport Commission’s exemption.

The ride-sourcing platform providers currently oversee ride-sourcing drivers in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Government welcomes other platform providers, however any platform provider providing such a service must comply with the exemption.

If you intend to launch a ride-source platform in Tasmania, contact Industry Policy, Department of State Growth at Ride-source drivers wishing to check on the status of their application for an ancillary certificate should contact Registration and Licensing Services on (03) 6166 4866.

Regulatory requirements for operators

Transport Commission Exemption