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Towns and regions outside of Launceston

The Department of State Growth is reviewing bus routes and timetables in Launceston and surrounding towns and regions as part of a state-wide review of bus services and a focus on greater integration and connection.

The changes will affect general access (public) bus services in the Launceston urban area, West Tamar, George Town, northern midlands, north east and east coast. Including services operated by Manions’ Coaches, Lee’s Coaches, Sainty’s Coaches, Tassielink Transit, and Calow’s Coaches.

Non-urban school bus services will not be affected.

The proposed changes will generally deliver better connections and more services from major towns and regions to Launceston in line with the Government’s General Access Service Standards.

Key improvements include:

  • Increased services to major towns like Legana, Exeter, George Town, Perth and Bridport
  • Better links for regional communities in the West Tamar, north east, east coast and northern midlands areas
  • New Sunday services to improve community connections seven days a week
  • Increased capacity and frequency on Launceston’s key urban corridors of Mowbray and Kings Meadows by integrating George Town, Cressy/Longford and Perth/Evandale services
  • Improved Riverside service frequency, especially on weekends by routing Manions’ Coaches Legana services to travel through Riverside, reducing duplication


The Department of State Growth has incorporated the recommendations and feedback from Metro Tasmania’s extensive Launceston urban network review and consultation process in 2016 to propose a new urban network of services which includes:

  • Easy to understand, more direct routes, using roads which are safe and suitable for accessible vehicles
  • More consistent departure times to reduce checking a timetable
  • A new high frequency cross-city route linking the university with Kings Meadows shops via Mowbray shops, Invermay, Inveresk, City, Hospital and Six Ways
  • Rescheduled timetables to better reflect current traffic conditions, improve reliability, and minimise transfer times

Feedback process

The opportunity to provide feedback and comments on the proposed changes closed on Friday 14 June 2019.

The information, maps and timetables used during the feedback process are still available below.

Click the feedback form at the bottom of the page to provide comments on the proposed bus network, or contact us via email at or phone on 6166 3343 (between 9am-5pm). Please leave a message if the phone is busy.

Towns and regions outside Launceston




Beauty Point, Beaconsfield, Exeter to Launceston (via Grindelwald)

Beauty Point, Beaconsfield, Exeter, Grindelwald, Legana (via W. Tamar Hwy), Riverside North, Riverside, Launceston


Rowella, Deviot, Gravelly Beach, Rosevears to Launceston

Rowella, Kayena, Deviot, Swan Point, Gravelly Beach, Black Wall, Rosevears, Legana (via W. Tamar Hwy), Riverside North, Riverside, Launceston


Legana to Launceston (including Riverside)

Legana, Riverside North, Riverside, Trevallyn (via W. Tamar Hwy)  Launceston


George Town to Launceston

Low Head, George Town, Hillwood (via E. Tamar Hwy), Dilston, Invermay, Launceston


Scottsdale/Bridport to Launceston

Derby, Branxholm, Ringarooma, Legerwood, Scottsdale, Bridport, Pipers Brook, Lietinna, Nabowla, Lebrina, Lilydale, Rocherlea, Newnham, Mayfield, Mowbray, Invermay Launceston


Cressy, Longford, Perth to Launceston

Cressy, Lonford, Perth, Devon Hills, Breadalbane, Youngtown, Kings Meadows, Launceston


Evandale, Perth to Launceston

Evandale, Perth, Devon Hills, Breadalbane, Youngtown, Kings Meadows, Launceston


Coles Bay to Bicheno, St Marys and St Helens

Coles Bay, Bicheno, St Marys, Scamander, Beaumaris, St Helens


St Helens to Launceston

St Helens, Beaumaris, Scamander, St Marys, Fingal, Avoca, Conara, Epping Forest, Perth, Launceston



The proposed network map for Launceston can be accessed here

Turn Up and GO - Mowbray to Launceston




Rocherlea, University to Launceston via Invermay Rd

Rocherlea, Alanvale, Mayfield, Newnham, Mowbray, Invermay

110, 115, 116, 117, 770, 771, 772

Ravenswood to Launceston

Ravenswood, Waverley, St Leonards

120, 121

St Leonards, Waverley, Youngtown to Launceston via Elphin Rd

St Leonards, Waverley, Youngtown, Norwood, Newstead

130, 131, 140

Punchbowl to Launceston

Punchbowl, East Launceston, Newstead

141, 142

Turn Up and GO - Kings Meadows to Launceston




Youngtown, Kings Meadows to Launceston via Hobart Rd

Youngtown, Kings Meadows, South Launceston

110, 145, 146, 147, 792,

794, 795, 796

West Riverside to Launceston via Trevallyn

Trevallyn , West Riverside

Information on Riverside services can be accessed here


High Frequency Corridor - Prospect Marketplace to Launceston




Casino, Hadspen, Blackstone Heights to Launceston via Westbury Rd

Hadspen, Blackstone Heights, Prospect Vale, Prospect, South Launceston

160, 161, 162

Prospect to Launceston via West Launceston

Prospect, Prospect Vale, Summerhill, West Launceston

165, 167