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Coles Bay to Bicheno, St Marys and St Helens

Proposed Route Change

  • It is proposed to change some of the linkages between towns so that there are direct links between Coles Bay/Bicheno and St Marys and then with some services travelling onto St Helens.
  • All services to St Helens will travel via St Marys on the Elephant Pass Rd, which creates route consistency.
  • There will no longer be a short route between Coles Bay and Bicheno.
  • Services to and from Coles Bay/Bicheno also link to Launceston services with passengers transferring at St Marys.
  • Coles Bay passengers can link to Hobart services at Bicheno.
  • An alternative transfer location to and from Hobart could be the Coles Bay Rd turnoff, however although this location has a bus shelter it does not have access to toilets. The transfer location at Bicheno has access to public toilets and local shops, however passengers have to ‘back track’ by 12km.
  • We want to hear from the community of what your preference is for a transfer location.

Proposed Frequency Change

  • Slight increase in frequency between Coles Bay/Bicheno and St Marys from a daily return to three services per weekday. As part of this route, two of the three services will travel to and from St Helens. \
  • Services from Bicheno to Coles Bay will decrease in frequency. Currently there are 10 weekday services. However some of these services are student services and some are bookings only and do not always run.
  • There will now be a daily return service between Coles Bay/Bicheno and St Marys on Saturdays. Currently there are no Saturday services between Coles Bay/Bicheno and St Marys. These services also connect to Hobart and Launceston services.
  • On Sunday there is one service from Coles Bay/Bicheno to St Marys, which allows boarders to connect to Launceston services. Currently there is a daily return between St Helens and Bicheno on Sundays.