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Evandale, Perth to Launceston

Proposed Route Change

  • The route between Perth and Evandale will travel via Clarence St and Perth Mill Rd, this enables the eastern residential area of Perth to be serviced. The Perth Mill Rd route is a similar distance to traveling via Leighlands Rd.
  • The route will no longer travel onto Cressy/Longford.
  • The route will no longer travel via the Launceston airport. This diversion adds extra travel time and the patronage from the airport is very low. The airport is already serviced by a commercial provider who is able to drop off passengers within the airport itself.
  • It is proposed that services will travel via the old section of the Midland Hwy (to be known as Haggerston Rd) through Breadblane to enable Devon Hills to be serviced on the highway, as the travel times are likely to be similar between the old and the new road. However we want to hear what the community’s preference is for a route, noting that some services will need to travel via Haggerston Rd to service Devon Hills.
  • Evandale services will supplement the Kings Meadows corridor and play a key role in increasing capacity on the new ‘turn up and go’ corridor during peak times and also filling gaps in the corridor during evenings.
  • Evandale services will start and finish at St John Street, as opposed to the Launceston transit centre. This means that southern suburbs services will all depart and finish at the same stops, which is more convenient for all passengers.

Proposed Frequency Change


  • Similar frequency with six services per weekday.
  • Slight decrease in Saturday frequency from six to four services a day.
  • Provision of four new services on Sunday.


  • Perth will be serviced by multiple routes, including the St Helens to Launceston, Launceston to Hobart and Cressy/Longford to Launceston routes.
  • Slight decrease in frequency from 33 to 32 services per weekday which includes eight express services.
  • Significant increase in Saturday frequency from 12 to 16 services a day (10 via Kings Meadows).
  • Significant increase in Sunday frequency on Sundays from 10 to 18 (10 via Kings Meadows).