Department of State GrowthTransport

Rowella, Deviot, Gravelly Beach, Rosevears to Launceston

Proposed Route Change

  • The route will commence at Rowella and service Sidmouth, Deviot, Paper Beach, Gravelly Beach and Rosevears.
  • It is proposed that Rosevears be serviced on this route as the area would no longer be serviced via the Exeter route as this increases travel time for Exeter residents and the intent is to create route consistency for West Tamar services.
  • The Rowella route will operate along the full length of Rosevears Dr.

Proposed Frequency Change


  • Similar frequency with five services per weekday.

Deviot – Gravelly Beach:

  • Slight increase in frequency from four to five services per weekday.


  • Decrease in frequency from nine to five services per weekday.
  • Decrease in weekend frequency from a daily return on Saturday to no weekend services.
  • It is proposed to decrease the frequency as Rosevears has a low population density and is currently over serviced.