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St Helens to Launceston

Proposed Route Change

  • The St Helens to Launceston route remains largely unchanged. There are some deviations to service schools in the Launceston area through Newstead.
  • Services to and from St Helens also link to Hobart services during weekdays, with passengers transferring at Epping Forest.
  • An alternative transfer location could be Conara, however although this location has a bus shelter it does not have access to toilets. The transfer location at Epping Forest has access to the Caltex toilets and shop, however passengers have to ‘back track’ by 10km. We want to hear from the community of what your preference is for a transfer location.

Proposed Frequency Change

  • Similar frequency with four services on school weekdays.
  • It is proposed to change the weekday outward service to St Helens to 4:15pm. Currently the service leaves at 4:30pm and 5:00pm on Fridays. The 4:15pm service on Friday can pick up boarders at Newstead College and Scotch Oakburn to ensure they have enough time to get their bags. We want to hear from the community whether this time change especially on Fridays provides enough time for students to get their bags from their boarding house and be able to catch the bus home.
  • Similar weekend frequency with a daily return on Saturday and Sunday.