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Taxi, hire vehicle and ride sourcing

Tasmania also has a range of hire vehicle services that can provide more specialised forms of transport. The different taxis and hire vehicles used in Tasmania are:

Standard taxis can be sedans or station wagons, or sometimes small people movers. Some of the larger vehicles can carry up to 12 passengers, but most standard taxis can carry four passengers. Some of these taxis may be labelled as 'silver service' taxis.

Wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) are normally people movers or passenger vans. These vehicles can carry wheelchair-reliant people, as well as people who don't use wheelchairs. Some WATs are branded or marked as 'maxi taxis', which refers to their alternative use as carriers of large groups of people.

Luxury hire cars provide pre-booked transport in a luxury vehicle or limousine.

Restricted hire vehicles provide pre-booked transport for certain special occasions such as weddings, as well as tours in sedans or small people movers.
There are currently over 500 taxis operating in Tasmania, about 20 luxury hire cars and 120 restricted hire vehicles.  Most of these vehicles operate in either Hobart or Launceston.

Using taxis in Tasmania

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