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Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Regulatory Review

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The Department of State Growth is leading the Tasmanian Government’s Regulatory Review of the Tasmanian Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries (the Review). The Tasmanian Government committed to the Review in late 2015 as part of the Government’s policy for embracing the sharing economy, which has included supporting the entry to Tasmania of new ride-sourcing services like Uber.

What is the Review about?

The taxi and hire vehicle industries – both in Australia and overseas – are undergoing dramatic change.  The past few years, in particular, have seen the rapid emergence of new point-to-point passenger service business models.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to supporting the sharing economy, given the opportunities for enhanced consumer choice, innovation and productivity that it presents. However, it also recognises that operators already in the industry need to be in a position to respond to new product offerings like ride-sourcing in a competitive way.

The key elements of the existing taxi and hire vehicle regulatory framework have been in place since 2008 and 2011. The emergence of ride-sourcing and other services was not predicted when the current framework was designed and therefore cannot be adequately accommodated by it.

The objective of the Review is to ensure that existing and new service providers, consumers and the community more broadly are well positioned to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that come about as new business models and technologies continue to emerge.

The result will be a modern, efficient, and safe regulatory framework for the Tasmanian taxi and hire vehicle industries.

What will the Review look at?

The Review will consider regulation of the six core elements of the taxi and hire vehicle industries.

  1. Regulation of supply
  2. Regulation of fares
  3. Regulation of operators
  4. Regulation of drivers
  5. Regulation of vehicles
  6. Compliance and enforcement.

How do I stay informed?

This website will be updated regularly with all the latest news, publications and information on upcoming consultation and other events.  If you would like to be kept updated on key events and milestones – including how you can get involved – you can also email the Review team at and request a subscription to the Review team’s regular email updates.

Review Latest News

New exemption for ride-sourcing drivers

The Transport Commission has approved a new exemption for ride-sourcing drivers, replacing the exemption which was due to expire on 31 December 2017.  The new notice is identical to the previous version, with the exception of minor amendments to the definition of ride-sourcing vehicle to reflect what is already occurring (ie that the vehicle must only be a light vehicle and must also be registered in Tasmania).  

Practically, this new exemption has the effect of extending the current arrangements for ride-sourcing services for up to two years. This timeframe will provide the taxi and hire vehicle industries with regulatory certainty while the Department continues to undertake the Review.  When legislation is enacted that provides for the formal legislative recognition of ride-sourcing services in Tasmania, the exemption will no longer be necessary.

Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 - Exemption Notice

Now Available: Submissions in Response to Consultation Paper

On 15 December 2016, the Department of State Growth released a Consultation Paper and supporting Background Paper as the first step in a process to gather stakeholder feedback on the future direction and design of Tasmania’s taxi and hire vehicle industries regulatory framework. The Department received 18 written submissions in response to the Consultation Paper.  

The submissions are available below. The Department has also prepared a ‘Summary of Submissions’, which identifies the key themes and messages emanating from submissions, and outlines the next steps in the Review process, taking into account stakeholder input.

Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Regulatory Review – Summary of Submissions, July 2017

To support and expand on the formal written submissions process, the Department is continuing to engage in face-to-face stakeholder discussions with individuals and representative bodies who express an interest in meeting to discuss elements of the Review.




Ian Chilcott


Corporate Cars Tasmania (Michael Skeggs)


Rowan Cunningham


Geoff Cuthbert


Devonport Taxi Service (Steve Newitt)


Equal Opportunity Tasmania


Thomasz Gadzinski


Karmjit Singh Lallar


Michael Larissey (Tasmanian Redline Coaches)


Graham McClean Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences


John Morris


ParaQuad Tasmania


Yurgen Riske




Tasmanian Taxi Council




Paul and Pauline Williams


Jin Xin

Release of public Consultation Paper

The Department of State Growth has released a public Consultation Paper, accompanied by a factual background Paper which explains the current regulatory framework.

The objective of these Papers is to generate discussion and provide an initial focal point for consultation with industry stakeholders and the broader Tasmanian community on a future regulatory framework.

Download papers

Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Regulatory Review -  Consultation Paper   (PDF, 613.22 KB)

Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries: Regulatory Framework Overview -  Background Paper (DOCX, 592.42 KB)


Formal submissions in response to the Consultation Paper have now closed. Please note, however, that there will be a number of further opportunities as the Review progresses for stakeholders to have their say on the future regulatory framework.  You can visit this website on a regular basis to stay up to date with consultation opportunities, or you can subscribe to our mailing list.  The Department is also willing to meet with stakeholders upon specific request. To request a meeting, or subscribe to the mailing list, please email the Department at