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Changes to bus services in Southern Tasmania and the East Coast

Bus routes and timetables have changed in Southern Tasmania following a detailed review of existing services by the Department of State Growth.

Operators including Metro, Tassielink, Redline and O’Driscoll Derwent Valley Link provide the services for different regions as contracted by State Growth.

Across Southern Tasmanian bus network changes that commenced on 20 January 2019 have introduced significant improvements with increased frequency and reach of services to major towns outside of Hobart. Sunday services have also been introduced in many areas where none existed.

A small number of underutilised routes accessed by only a handful of passengers were unviable and have been discontinued or reduced to school term only services, meaning the buses can be redeployed to higher-demand routes.

The changes deliver an improved public transport network that provides better access to employment, education and services and improves the overall social connectivity of Tasmanians.

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