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Southern region fare changes

Some bus fares are changing in Southern Tasmania as a result of inconsistencies in the current fare system.

The new fares begin on 20 January in line with the improved routes and service frequencies across the southern region.

The changes to these fares is a key step in integrating our bus services across different operators, ensuring everyone pays a similar price for travelling a similar distance and passengers can seamlessly transfer between different services and operators.

Under the new arrangements, passengers in the Greater Hobart urban area will pay the same relevant Metro Tasmania fare regardless of operator and for services outside of the Hobart urban area they will pay the lowest fare currently charged.

It means different operators will all charge the same amount and apply the same eligible adult concessions to those going to the same region.

A more thorough state-wide review of fares and concessions will be undertaken later this year. This will include also looking at the North and North West regions.

Fare schedules

New Norfolk to Hobart

Note New Norfolk fares have also been discounted to the greencard equivalent fare so that passengers aren’t disadvantaged in the ticketing changes for transfers between New Norfolk and Metro Tasmania services

Bicheno, Swansea to Hobart

Campania, Richmond to Hobart

Dodges Ferry/Carlton and Sorrell to Hobart

Tasman Peninsula to Hobart

Huon Valley to Hobart, including Dover, Geeveston and Cygnet

Channel to Hobart

South Arm to Hobart

Seven Mile Beach to Hobart

Urban Hobart

Some operators also provide discounts for bulk ticket purchases.