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Student only bus services

The Department of State Growth (State Growth) has commenced a review of student only bus services in preparation for the expiry of current contracts, beginning in 2018. This process will set in place contracts for the next ten years, so it is an important opportunity to review the student only bus network.

This process is being undertaken under the Government’s election commitment to re-contract services with incumbent operators (where the service is still required, and performance requirements have been met). Part of this commitment was to provide advice to operators at least 18 months in advance of expiration about whether State Growth expects to recontract with current providers.

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To meet this 18 month time frame, State Growth has undertaken an initial review of rural student bus services to identify services it will need to recontract (although there may be some modification to routes, contracts etc.), and those services where it expects to undertake a more detailed review before providing final advice.

State Growth has undertaken a similar analysis of all other student bus services (Urban Fringe, Urban, Town) and is rolling out advice to operators in the second quarter of 2017.

In conjunction with this work, consultation with the rural school bus community will be undertaken on proposed changes through the second and third terms of 2017 for any changes that may come in for the 2018 school year, with similar discussions to take place with urban based schools in 2018 for any changes to occur in the 2019 school year.

For further information about the review of student bus services contact:

Andrew Mullen, Principal Policy Officer (Project 2018)
Passenger Transport Services. Department of State Growth
10 Murray Street TAS 7000 | GPO Box 536, Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: 03 6166 4470

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