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We have released the Launceston Eastern Bypass Feasability Study, which has found a bypass would not deliver significant improvements.

The Launceston Eastern Bypass Study looked at the feasibility of building a bypass between the East Tamar and Midland highways aimed at reducing congestion in the city centre by diverting freight traffic away from the city centre.

It looked at several options, including between the Mowbray Connector on the East Tamar Highway and Hoblers Bridge Road; and from St Leonards Road, crossing the North Esk flood plain using Johnston Road and a new section to the west of the rail corridor with two further options to connect to the Midland Highway.

The study found a bypass would not deliver significant improvements to traffic congestion, economic development and liveability. A cost benefit analysis rated the major bypass options as having weak economic benefits.

Traffic modelling showed a bypass would not significantly improve travel times and was not an attractive option for longer distance trips compared to the existing route between the East Tamar and Midland Highways. It would mostly benefit local traffic.

The study has also indicated there would not be any significant improvements to active transport or a reduction in traffic incidents and identified a potential increase in flood risk to the riverside of the bypass.

Download the Launceston Eastern Bypass Feasibility Study as a PDF file.