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About the project

Currently some road users have to cross the East Tamar Highway when turning in and out of the Mowbray Link.

A roundabout will replace the current intersection, with works starting in September 2019. It will improve safety by reducing the risk of crashes at the Mowbray Link.

1Why we're installing a roundabout instead of an overpass or traffic signals

The original design for the intersection included traffic lights. After consulting with the community and key stakeholders, we have changed the design to include a roundabout instead.

We considered an overpass, but ruled it out due to the cost, and because the intersection is so close to the Tamar River.

2Traffic impacts

Update April 2020

Road works started from 16 September 2019.  During construction there will be temporary traffic changes to keep everyone safe.


The right turn exiting Mowbray Link on to the East Tamar Highway (northbound) will be closed from the week starting 11 May to 26 June during all hours. Detours will be in place for all road users.

Traffic travelling from Invermay and Mowbray will be detoured to Forester Street via Invermay Road to access the East Tamar Highway (northbound).

Traffic from Mowbray should consider accessing the East Tamar Highway (northbound) via Georgetown Road.


Public display: 11 – 26 April 2019.

Tender advertised: late April 2019.

Construction: September 2019 - August 2020.


The roundabout has been designed to improve traffic flow at the Mowbray Connector. It will have little impact on traffic traveling north past the intersection.

There will be an 80 km/h speed limit on the East Tamar Highway, between Forster Street and Mowbray Connector (northbound) and University Way and Forster Street (southbound).

Road users will use the roundabout when:

  • turning into Mowbray Link from the East Tamar Highway (both directions)
  • out of Mowbray Link on to the East Tamar Highway (both directions)
  • traveling towards Launceston on the East Tamar Highway.

Traffic heading towards George Town on the East Tamar Highway can bypass the roundabout.

Contact details

For further information about this project please contact the Project Manager, Trevor Gibson, on 6166 3443 or by email at: