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The Department of State Growth is looking at improvements for the Bass Highway between Launceston and Devonport. The Bass Highway is a key freight, tourist and local route, linking the far north west of Tasmania with key ports and the National Highway.

We will be developing a corridor strategy and implementation plan for identified priorities between the two existing dual carriage way sections at Hadspen, on the outskirts of greater Launceston, to Devonport on the Bass Highway. Safety upgrades between Deloraine and Latrobe will be a key priority. The outcomes of this work will be included in the Tasmanians Government’s Bass Highway 10 Year Action Plan.

2Public consultation

We asked the public for their feedback to assist in identifying areas for improvement.

This feedback will be used to inform the development of the corridor strategy and to prioritise projects.

Consultation closed on 14 August 2021 and we are working on a consultation feedback report.

You can view comments left during the consultation period on our online, interactive map.

3The project

The project aims to identify the existing road environment and detail where sections of the highway are deficient for the existing and future road use between Launceston and Devonport. Identifying safety and efficiency upgrade opportunities and prioritising sections of the corridor for the upgrades will also be included in the implementation plan.

Project objectives are

  • Improve safety outcomes for all users
  • Improved efficiency, reliability and resilience of road network
  • Enable economic growth and development.

4What is a corridor strategy?

The Department has been progressively preparing corridor strategies for State roads across Tasmania to create consistency in how the State Road Network is planned and managed.

Corridor strategies make planning and investment decisions transparent to the community, councils and other key stakeholders. By reviewing a variety of issues the corridor strategy identifies:

  • Objectives to improve and encourage better transport and economic opportunities in the North of Tasmania
  • Performance of transport infrastructure in meeting the corridor specific objectives
  • Current and future challenges in meeting corridor specific objectives
  • Key transport demands likely to be placed on the corridor over the next 10 – 20 years
  • High, medium and low priorities and actions to improve the corridor.

The process for developing the strategy is shown below.

Process of developing the corridor strategy

5Project benefits

The Project objectives are to:

  • improve safety outcomes for all users
  • improve efficiency, reliability, resilience of road network
  • enable economic growth and development.

6What to expect?

Upgrades across the Bass Highway will improve productivity and efficiency on this key freight network, providing better connections between agricultural regions, ports, airports and other transport hubs.

7Project timeline

Public consultation

July-August 2021

Complete Corridor Strategy

Late 2021

Begin implementing Corridor Strategy

Early-mid 2022