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We are currently doing a feasibility study into a second Tamar River crossing between the East Tamar Highway and the West Tamar Highway.

About the project

In March 2019, we implemented the Launceston and Tamar Valley Traffic Vision (the Vision). The Vision includes a suite of projects to address congestion and improve safety and travel time reliability on the Launceston and Tamar Valley road network.

A key commitment in the Vision was to start the planning, design, costing and Stage 1 building for a new Tamar River crossing between the East Tamar Highway at Newnham, and the West Tamar Highway, north of Cormiston Road.

The purpose of the new bridge crossing is to improve the travel time reliability and peak traffic efficiency of the West Tamar Highway south of the new crossing, particularly through Riverside and York and Brisbane Streets.

Why are we doing a feasibility study?

We’re completing the feasibility study to assess the viability and usage of the proposed new Tamar River crossing.

The study will look at the impact of the increased traffic volumes on the East Tamar Highway and the Charles Street and Wellington Street / Bathurst Street couplet, as well as the general City of Launceston local road network, and east / west movements (East Tamar Highway to St Leonards).

The study will also look at alternative locations for the crossing, which may give overall better long-term transport outcomes in accordance with the objectives of the Greater Launceston Transport Vision.

This study is being completed in conjunction with the West Tamar Highway Corridor Study,  which aims to identify options to improve the safety and connectivity between West Tamar communities and Launceston for all transport modes.


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