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About the project

The Northern Roads Package is a series of road upgrades planned for the Batman Highway and Birralee and Frankford Roads.

The upgrades have been identified in the following sections:

  • Batman Highway, east of Batman Bridge
  • Batman Highway, west of Batman Bridge
  • Birralee and Frankford Roads

These sections of road are categorised as key, inter-regional freight linkages.


Batman Highway, east of Batman Bridge

The Batman Highway between Batman Bridge and the East Tamar Highway has been widened and sealed, with work completed in November 2021.

Widening and sealing shoulders provides a safe and efficient road and allows additional space for drivers to regain control, reducing road crashes.

Batman Highway, west of Batman Bridge

We have started working in February 2022 and should be finished by the end of March 2023.

You should allow up to eight minutes extra travel time during our work.

We have finished blasting on the Batman Highway near the Batman Bridge, and so we won’t need to close the road again.

One lane will remain closed from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, while we continue to widen and realign the Batman Highway.

Birralee and Frankford Roads

Designs are progressing on the first stage of works on Birralee Road, with a project update to be provided to the local community in mid-2022.

We expect to start working at the end of 2022, and should be finished by mid-2024.

1Project updates

West of Batman Highway

We have started working on Monday, 21 February 2022 and expect to be finished by the end of March 2023.

There will be a reduced speed limit and lane closures during our working hours.

Please allow extra time, keep to speed limits and follow the directions of traffic controllers and signs.

This stage of the project involves shoulder widening and sealing west of the Batman Bridge to the West Tamar Highway.

A  heavy vehicle rest area at Sidmouth will also be included.

Click on the West of Batman Highway design below to view in full size.

Stage 2 – West of Batman Highway map

Birralee and Frankford Roads

The design of this section of the Northern Roads Package should be completed in June 2022.

The project will include shoulder widening, sealing and surface upgrade works

We will starting working in late 2022.

Click on the Birralee Road design and Frankford Road design images below to view in full size.

Birralee Road map.

Frankford Road map.

2Contact details

For further information please contact our Stakeholder Engagement Consultant, Campbell Walker, on 03 6323 1935 or email

For queries on the Batman Highway projects please contact our Stakeholder Engagement Consultant, Robyn Hall, on 6210 0763 or email