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This work is essential maintenance and will improve the condition of the road, making it stronger and safer for all road users and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

This project supports the delivery of projects within the Hobart City Deal.

About the project

The work along Davey Street will be done in two stages.

Stage one, from Murray Street to the Southern Outlet, except for the section between Molle Street and Antill Street, is complete.

Stage two, between Molle Street and Antill Street, will start later in 2022.

Stage 1

Construction of stage one is now complete.

This included the following sections of Davey Street:

Murray Street to Sandy Bay Road.
Sandy Bay Road to Barrack Street.
Barrack Street to Molle Street.
Antill Street to the Southern Outlet.

Stage 2

The section of Davey Street between Molle Street and Antill Street is in poor condition.

We have completed further investigations of this section, and a tender has been advertised for construction to start later in 2022.


If you have any questions, please contact pitt&sherry’s Stakeholder and Community Engagement Consultants Lorri Teepa on 0491 050 140 or Louella Horne on 0491 696 701, or email