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This includes road widening, road surface improvement, providing turning facilities at Blowhole Road, and a path between Blowhole Road and Old Jetty Road.

1About the project

In early 2020, a design was completed.

Prior to the start of construction in November 2020, concerns were raised by the Aboriginal community about the impact on cultural heritage in the area and construction was paused.

We have since further consulted the Aboriginal community and regulatory authorities to revise the design.

The revised design addresses concerns raised by the Aboriginal community by removing all ground disturbing activities within identified cultural heritage areas.

The revised design also meets the safety objectives of the project by providing:

  • A 1.5 metre wide path for pedestrians from the bus stop opposite Old Jetty Road to Blowhole Road, including safety barrier between the road and the path.
  • 3 metre wide traffic lanes and new safety barrier on the western side of the highway to improve safety for vehicles.
  • 1 metre wide road shoulder in both directions.

2Community consultation

We asked the community for their feedback in July 2021.

The feedback collected during the consultation process will be used to inform decisions about the project design; however any changes will continue to avoid any ground disturbance or impact on Aboriginal cultural heritage areas.

Click for a summary report of the feedback received during the consultation process: Consultation Summary Report - Eaglehawk Neck Safety Upgrades.

Click on the image below to view the new design in full size.

Location showing the Eaglehawk Neck Safety Upgrade

3Upgrade Features

Road widening will take place between Old Jetty Road and Blowhole Road.

A path will be provided between Blowhole Road and Old Jetty Road.

New turning facilities at Blowhole Road will be provided.

A safety barrier will be installed next to the road on the Eaglehawk Bay side.

A pedestrian crossing in the form of a traffic island will be provided across Arthur Highway at Old Jetty Road.

New, accessible bus stops will be provided.

The heritage values of the Former Officers’ Quarters Museum, Garden, Stables and Milking Shed will be retained.


This project is funded by the Tasmanian Government.


Construction is expected to start in late 2021.

6Past community consultation

We asked the community for their feedback in January-February 2020.

We reviewed feedback from the community and completed a Consultation Summary Report .

This will be updated following feedback received during the public display period in July 2021.

For further information about off-road walking tracks in the area, contact Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service.


For more information email: