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1About the project

The Hobart Airport Interchange will replace the existing Hobart Airport roundabout with an overpass.

The overpass will lift the Tasman Highway over Kennedy Drive and Holyman Avenue. This will allow traffic on the highway to travel through the intersection with reduced delays and improved access to and from the Hobart Airport.

The new overpass will make the road safer, reduce traffic congestion, and allow for future increases in traffic.

The design of the overpass is similar to the overpass constructed at the intersection of Huon Highway and Summerleas Road at Kingston.

  • On and off ramps from the highway will be used to access the Hobart Airport on Holyman Avenue, Kennedy Drive, and Cranston Parade.
  • Dual lane roundabouts will be built underneath the highway to efficiently and safely control the intersections.
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and other active transport users will have access to a dedicated shared path between Kennedy Drive and Holyman Avenue.

The contract to design and construct the interchange was awarded to Hazell Bros Pty Ltd

2Traffic changes - May 2022

Traffic changes - May 2022

The new Hobart Airport Interchange overpass is now open!

If you are heading to and from Hobart and Sorell you will now use the newly built section of Highway over the existing dogbone roundabout.

If you are travelling to and from the airport and Kennedy Drive, you will continue to use the dogbone roundabout.

There will be signage in place to guide you through the project site, and the speed limit will be reduced to 40km/hr to allow you to become familiar with the new arrangements and to keep workers and road users safe.

There is still some work to do on the ramps and roundabout connecting the highway with Kennedy Drive and Holyman Avenue. The project is on track to be fully completed later this year.

Please allow up to eight minutes extra travel time if you're passing through, and follow the directions of traffic controllers and signs.

Click on the Hobart Airport Interchange overpass opening map to view in full size.

Hobart Airport Interchange - Overpass opening

Traffic changes - January 2022

From Monday, 17 January 2022, the Hobart airport roundabout will be removed, and traffic will temporarily be diverted onto the newly built dogbone roundabout while the Tasman Highway is upgraded, and the new overpass is finished.

The new roads will later become the on and off ramps to the new overpass and the final roundabout arrangement, under the new overpass.

The dogbone roundabout will operate as follows:

  • Traffic heading to Hobart will need to enter the dogbone roundabout from the new off ramp and take the third exit that will then join onto the Tasman Highway.
  • Traffic heading to Sorell will need to enter the dogbone roundabout from the existing off ramp and take the second exit that will then join onto the Tasman Highway.

The map below shows the dogbone roundabout during this diversion.

Signage will be in place to guide road users and the changed traffic conditions will be in place until late 2022.

To keep everyone safe, the speed limit through the project site will be reduced to 40km/h to allow road users to become familiar with the new arrangements. The reduced speed limit will be reviewed once the traffic has adjusted to the changes.

The reduced speed limit may affect travel times, so please allow for 8 minutes of extra travel time to your journey and follow the directions of traffic controllers and signs.

Click on the map to view the traffic changes for the Hobart Airport Interchange in full size.

Hobart Airport Interchange - Traffic Changes


Tender awarded: November 2019

Start of site clearing and preparation works: 22 June 2020

Start of major construction: 14 December 2020

4Further information

If you would like further information, please contact the Hobart Airport Interchange Community Liaison Officer by Phone: (03) 6277 7855 or Email:


Why do we need this project?

The existing roundabout has been operating at capacity. Predicted future population growth in the south east will continue to increase queuing and delays for vehicles at peak times.

Why has the design changed?

The new design improves traffic flow to and from Hobart Airport. It also reduces disruption to traffic flow during construction by keeping the existing roundabout operating for longer.

Does the new design require a new Development Application?

The new design has been submitted and approved by local council as part of a development application.

What will be the impact of construction on traffic flow?

Construction will be staged and traffic will be managed to reduce impacts on road users.

How will pedestrians and cyclists be catered for?

A shared cyclist and pedestrian path will be provided through the underpass on one side of Kennedy Drive and Holyman Avenue. Pedestrians will be able to use this path in both directions. Cyclists will be able to use this path travelling towards the airport.

6Major Development Plan

To build the new Hobart Airport Interchange, a section of Holyman Avenue will need to be realigned, as this is located on an area of the airport precinct that has been identified as Environmentally Significant in the Hobart Airport Master Plan. This triggered Section 89 of the Airports Act 1996 that requires a Major Development Plan (MDP) to be prepared for the realignment.

In April 2020, in accordance with section 94(2) of the Airports Act 1996, The Hon Michael McCormack MP approved the MDP.

Community consultation on the draft MDP  was undertaken in November 2019, in accordance with the Airports Act 1996.

A copy of the MDP  is available for download:

Major Development Plan for the Tasman Highway Airport Interchange. Part 1 | Part 2

To view or purchase a hardcopy please contact pitt&sherry on 03 6210 1400 or