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The Southern Projects are a suite of coordinated transport projects being delivered and funded by the Tasmanian Government, as part of the Hobart City Deal, to help make things better for you and better for Hobart.

1About the project

The Southern Projects will allow less drive time and more you time, by supporting more people to catch fast and frequent public transport to the Hobart city centre, reducing the number of private cars on the road and creating safer cycling and pedestrian options.

The Southern Projects are comprised of:

Southern Outlet Transit Lane – development of a new transit lane on the Southern Outlet between Olinda Grove and Davey Street.

Macquarie and Davey Streets Bus Priority – development of bus priority measures on Macquarie and Davey Streets to improve bus operations and traffic flow.

Kingborough Park and Ride – creation of two new park and ride facilities in Kingborough at Huntingfield and Firthside. This includes development of new southern suburbs bus services.

We have prepared some frequently asked questions and answers to help you understand why we are doing this project, and what other options we looked into first.

2What have we done so far?

We have completed a number of studies and engagement activities to inform the Hobart City Deal - Southern Projects.

Concept options report

In 2017, we commissioned consultants to produce a concept options report for the provision of a transit lane for buses and emergency services on the Southern Outlet. While this initial concept report shows that the project is feasible, the project is highly complex and will require detailed scoping and extensive consultation with landowners and key stakeholders before a preferred solution is confirmed.

Targeted consultation

In 2018, we delivered an online public consultation about the current Southern Outlet bus lane. Feedback was sought on the issues that are important to people, such as travel times, public transport, safety and the environment. This consultation process attracted more than 340 responses, with many people supporting the bus lane and expressing frustration in relation to congestion and safety issues.

In late 2019, two focus group meetings were held in Hobart and Kingborough to discuss local issues and obtain feedback to contribute to the planning and design processes of the Hobart Transport Vision.

A summary report was provided to participants and is also available to download.

Early survey works

In early 2020, the Department engaged contractors to undertake preliminary survey works to inform concept designs for potential transport projects as part of the Hobart City Deal – including the proposed transit lane on the Southern Outlet, bus priority measures on Macquarie and Davey Streets, and two park and ride locations in Kingborough.

This was followed by traffic surveys that gathered data on vehicle movements around Hobart’s CBD to inform transport-related projects, including investigations into projects as part of the Hobart Transport Vision.

November/December 2020 public display

Public display of concept designs for the Kingborough park and ride facilities and improved southern suburbs bus service changes took place from 18 November to 2 December 2020 and is now complete.

The public display period included a broad range of opportunities to engage the project team in dialogue about issues, challenges and opportunities and to provide feedback for consideration as part of the decision–making process.

We summarised the feedback we received into a consultation and feedback summary report.

New bus services

We have introduced a new express bus service from Huonville. The new service, operated by Tassielink, runs four times in each direction during the morning and afternoon peak periods. The first bus departs Huonville at 6:05am and then every hour until 9:05am. The first bus from Hobart departs at 3:17pm and then every hour with the last bus at 6:17pm.

3Community consultation

Have your say

Have your say on the concept designs for the Southern Outlet Transit Lane and the Macquarie and Davey Streets Bus Priority measures until 27 September 2021, via our interactive map and survey.

Community consultation finished in December 2020 for the Kingborough Park and Ride and bus service improvements.

We summarised the feedback we received into a consultation and feedback summary report.

Attend a community webinar

We will be holding two community webinars during the community consultation period, where you can hear from the project team to find out more about the designs and participate in an online Q&A.

You can register to attend one of these sessions here.

4About the Hobart City Deal

The Hobart City Deal is a 10-year partnership between the Australian and Tasmanian Governments and the Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Kingborough councils. The partnership aims to:

  • increase the use of public and active transport
  • create urban renewal though compact, liveable and sustainable precincts
  • deliver vibrant and liveable communities with access to green spaces, and supporting cultural and recreational facilities
  • grow Greater Hobart’s status as a global connected city.

City Deal Partners are delivering a broad package of infrastructure improvements and services to encourage changed transport habits, manage congestion, improve traffic flow and inform decision making in the Greater Hobart Region.

The Hobart City Deal will leverage Hobart’s natural amenity and build on its position as a vibrant, liveable and connected global city.

5Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with the team, please send us an email at or give us a call during business hours on 1800 975 012.