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1About the project

The suite of projects will make public transport a more reliable and viable option for commuters, improve the reliability of travel times, help provide opportunities and efficiency for businesses and continue to provide visitors with access to the world-class experiences that inspire them to return.

Key components of the Southern Projects commitments include:

Southern Outlet Transit Lane – development of a fifth lane northbound on the Southern Outlet between Olinda Grove and Macquarie Street.

Macquarie and Davey Streets Bus Priority – development of bus priority measures on Macquarie and Davey Streets to improve bus operations and traffic flow.

Kingborough Park and Ride – creation of two new park and ride facilities in Kingborough.

Click on the image below to enlarge the location map.

Location map - Hobart City Deal - Southern Projects

2What have we done so far?

We have completed a number of studies and engagement activities to inform the Hobart City Deal - Southern Projects.

Feasibility study

In 2017, we commissioned consultants to produce a feasibility report for the provision of a fifth lane for buses and emergency services on the Southern Outlet. While this initial concept report shows that the project is feasible, the project is highly complex and will require detailed scoping and extensive consultation with landowners and key stakeholders before a preferred approach is confirmed.

Targeted consultation

In 2018, we delivered an online public consultation about the current Southern Outlet bus lane. Feedback was sought on the issues that are important to people, such as travel times, public transport, safety or the environment. This consultation process attracted more than 340 responses, with many people expressing frustration about congestion and safety issues, and support for the bus lane.

In late 2019, two focus group meetings were held in Hobart and Kingborough to discuss local issues and obtain feedback to contribute to the planning and design processes of the Hobart Transport Vision. A summary report was provided to participants and is also available to download.

Early survey works

In early 2020, we engaged contractors to do preliminary survey works to inform concept designs for potential transport projects as part of the Hobart City Deal. This included the proposed fifth lane on the Southern Outlet, bus priority measures on Macquarie and Davey Streets, and two park and ride locations in Kingborough.

This was followed by traffic surveys that gathered data on vehicle movements around Hobart’s CBD to inform transport-related projects, including investigations into projects as part of the Hobart Transport Vision.

3Current situation

Concept designs for these projects are currently being developed and are expected to be complete in mid-2020.

We will then seek feedback from stakeholders before progressing to the detailed design of a preferred solution.

4About the Hobart City Deal

The Hobart City Deal - Southern Projects are funded by the Australian and Tasmanian governments as part of the Hobart City Deal.

The Hobart City Deal forms the blueprint for the Tasmanian Government’s coordinated plan to improve transport across Greater Hobart. The Hobart City Deal is a partnership between all levels of government and takes an integrated and collaborative approach to improving travel around Hobart using a variety of transport modes.

Contact details

For further information about the project, please contact us by email