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View our fact sheet about this project here: Fact Sheet - Macquarie and Davey Streets Bus Priority.

View our concept design plans for the Macquarie and Davey Streets bus priority here: Concept Design - Macquarie and Davey Streets Bus Priority.

Macquarie Street and Davey Street provide important connections for people travelling to and through Hobart. Many commuters, city workers, local businesses and tourists rely on these streets to get where they need to go.

The proposed project provides features that balance the needs of public transport, walking, and cycling with the corridor’s traffic movement function.

These improvements complement the other proposed projects as part of the Southern Projects, including the Southern Outlet Transit Lane, the two park and ride facilities, and the improved southern suburbs bus services. Together, these projects can provide an attractive alternative to driving by offering fast and reliable public transport.

Features of the project include some widening of footpaths and improving amenities, including bus shelters and customer information, at busy bus stops.

For cyclists, the inclusion of a bicycle lane on Davey Street, between Harrington Street and Barrack Street, will provide much needed separation between bicycles and other traffic on the uphill climb, maximising safety for cyclists and improving traffic flow. Designated areas for bicycles (‘bicycle boxes’) are also proposed on Davey Street at the intersections of Barrack Street and Molle Street, to allow cyclists to move ahead of traffic improving safety and visibility.

There will be some changes to on-street parking, including the removal of some parking spaces and the formalisation of other parking spaces, to improve safety and traffic flow, and provide priority to buses.

Public display of the concept designs for the Southern Projects is now complete.

Public display of the concept designs for the Macquarie and Davey Streets Bus Priority measures took place from 31 August to 27 September 2021.

We will collate the feedback we received during the public display and publish a summary report in the coming months.

The feedback we received will inform the development of detailed designs for this project.