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1About the study

The aim of the Mornington Traffic Solution Study is to identify a design solution to improve the safety and traffic performance outcomes of the Mornington Roundabout for all road users including cars, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians.

The planning study for the Mornington roundabout will:

  • Undertake a traffic study to investigate the current performance level of the road network in terms of transport efficiency, road user safety, as well as the current traffic management.
  • Consider stakeholder and community feedback and ideas.
  • Assess the performance of different upgrade options for their ability to improve safety and level of service for various transport modes and meet future demand.
  • Develop concept drawings for the preferred option and enabling works.

The study involves using extensive traffic surveys and traffic modelling, as well as stakeholder and community engagement and engineering investigations to assess options for the Mornington Roundabout.

2Project Location

The Tasman Highway Corridor Study identified this location of the Hobart road network as a high priority for future traffic capacity improvements.

The area is experiencing continuing traffic growth, which is projected to increase significantly in coming decades, with additional demand affecting five intersections within a 750-metre section of the South Arm Highway

The study area being investigated includes the Mornington Roundabout junction with Cambridge Road, the Mornington Road junction with the South Arm Highway, and the Mornington Interchange with the Tasman Highway.

3Community consultation

This project is in the very early stages and invites people to have their say on issues important to them including safety, public transport, active transport, travel times, environment, and any general comments.

Public consultation is open until Sunday, 24 October 2021.

You can provide feedback and make comments online via our interactive map here:

You can also provide feedback in the following ways:


Phone: 0492 450 146