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1About the project

This project will improve our ability to manage the Greater Hobart arterial road network, provide information to road users and respond to incidents at key locations. The road network will be more resilient and able to accommodate changes in traffic conditions that may arise due to crashes, breakdowns or other unplanned events.

The project includes:

  • On-road traveller information systems (OTIS) : Variable message signs (VMS) and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras at 13 locations around Greater Hobart.
  • New lane use management systems (LUMS) for the Tasman Bridge, replacing the existing system.

2On-road traveller information systems (OTIS)

Variable message signs (VMS) will allow us to communicate messages to road users who are already on the road. We can advise road users  of current traffic conditions and, if there is an incident, give directions or advice as appropriate. When not required for incident response, the VMS can display pre-approved road safety messages, or current travel times to key destinations.

Expanded traffic camera coverage will provide us with a greater visibility of current traffic conditions, and improve situational awareness that will allow us to respond more effectively to incidents and other events.

3Lane use management systems (LUMS)

The new LUMS will replace the existing lane control system (LCS), which has reached the end of its serviceable life. The LCS involves field crews manually reversing the travel direction of the third (middle) lane across the Tasman Bridge and its approaches during morning peak times. The new system will improve reliability and resilience of the system, and provide greater operational flexibility to allow different responses to incidents and other events. The new LUMS will also improve work health and safety outcomes, by providing a level of automation to the current transition process, and removing the need for field crews to be positioned on the road.

4Current situation

The request for tender for the project is closed and we are assessing applications.

Contact details

For further information about the project, please contact the Project Manager, Suk Maan Kong, on (03) 6166 3357 or by email