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We have released the Sorell to Hobart Corridor Plan, which prioritises ways to reduce congestion and improve travel time reliability on the Tasman Highway between Sorell and Hobart.

The Sorell to Hobart Corridor Plan includes a staged approach to achieve a better level of service for all road users and manage demands on this vital corridor into the future.

The Plan is the result of extensive consultation carried out in 2018 with the community, local councils and other key stakeholders.  It provides a vision for improved accessibility to the eastern metropolitan region of Greater Hobart.

The Corridor Plan includes a list of prioritised solutions, across four major themes:

  • Road infrastructure
  • Public and active transport
  • Intelligent transport systems upgrade
  • Land use

The Sorell to Hobart Corridor Plan will be used as a basis for more detailed planning and cost estimation work for the identified solutions.

Download the Sorell to Hobart Corridor Plan

1Identified Solutions

High priority solutions

  • Development of a network operating plan, in conjunction with stakeholders, to provide the strategic guidance for how the Clarence transport network is used, managed, and planned into the future
  • The smarter use of existing infrastructure, mainly by utilising intelligent transport systems technology to improve the level of service of the network and manage demand
  • Upgrade of the Mornington roundabout to address community concerns and improve capacity and control. This may include metering some approaches, or signalising the existing roundabout to increase the life span of the intersection in the short term, before upgrading to a fully signalised intersection as needed in the future
  • Establishment of transit lanes between the Cambridge interchange and the Tasman Bridge to enable priority access for buses, taxis and other vehicles carrying multiple occupants
  • Provide alternatives to car travel by improving bus frequency, providing park and ride facilities at appropriate locations and providing higher standard facilities to complete missing cycle path links
  • Consider measures to prevent traffic from having to merge and cross the highway from Rosny Hill Road to the East Derwent Highway in peak periods
  • Work with key stakeholders to improve bus access from the Rosny bus mall onto the Tasman Highway to improve travel times.

Medium priority and long-term solutions

  • Further expand the use of transit lanes to continue to encourage the use of public transport as an alternative to car travel
  • Upgrade Mornington and Acton interchanges to support the growth of the Clarence and Sorell council areas and remove traffic away from local roads
  • Provide an alternate access to the Tasman Highway at Pass Road, reducing the reliance on the current interchanges and connecting roads that are approaching capacity in the peak periods
  • Plan for a new north-south connection to the Bowen Bridge via Flagstaff Gully to provide an alternate route into the northern suburbs of Hobart and reduce the reliance on the Tasman Bridge
  • Increase transport capacity on the Tasman Bridge in conjunction with Tasman Highway upgrades west of the bridge.

We are doing a study into the feasibility for an off-road cycleway on the south side of the Tasman Highway, between the Mornington Interchange (South Arm Highway) and the Tasman Bridge (Conara Road).

The study will help us come up with a preliminary design. The project is not currently funded, but when we have more information, we will talk with neighbouring landowners and the local community.

South East Traffic Solution

This plan complements a number of other projects that are part of the South East Traffic Solution (SETS), including replacing the Midway Point roundabout, duplication of the Tasman Highway between the airport and Sorell, and the Hobart Airport Interchange.

Find out more about the South East Traffic Solution projects.