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This project will improve the flow of traffic through Midway Point, and will align with any future duplication of the causeways.

1About the project

Following community consultation in 2019, we have developed a final design for the intersection.

The roundabout will be replaced with traffic signals. The Tasman Highway will be increased to two lanes in each direction and Penna Road will be realigned.

Construction is scheduled to start in late 2020.

About the design

We will duplicate the highway (make it two lanes in both directions) through Midway Point, and realign Penna Road.

Traffic signals will replace the current roundabout at the realigned Penna Road opposite Southern Drive.

Traffic lights and more traffic lanes will make it quicker for traffic to move through the intersection and provide safe access to the highway from Midway Point.

There will be a slip lane from the Tasman Highway into the newly aligned Penna Road to make it easier to access Midway Point.

The re-alignment of Penna Road means the shops and service station can remain operating, and they will still be accessible from the Tasman Highway and Southern Drive.

View a full-size version of the map here (PDF).

Bus facilities

A fully accessible bus stop will be built to the east of the proposed traffic lights, near the shops and linking to the shared pathway.

Provision has been made for a future Park and Ride facility on the northern side of the highway.

Shared pathway

A shared pathway will continue on the northern side of the highway to Penna Road, where pedestrians and cyclists will divert along Fenton Street before joining the shared pathway on the northern side of the Western Causeway.

2Frequently asked questions

Why does the design include traffic signals?

A signalised intersection with additional traffic lanes will move larger groups of vehicles through the intersection while providing safe access to the Highway from Midway Point.

What about the causeways?

Four lane causeways are currently being planned for as part of the South East Traffic Solution.

Four lanes through Midway Point will increase capacity and make sure the road can connect into a four lane causeway in the future.

Are there any changes to property access?

Access to properties on the southern side of the highway will be left in and left out only. Turning facilities will be provided at various locations on the highway, including at the traffic lights, to minimise additional travel distance for those road users

3Community consultation

In June 2019 we asked the community for their feedback on two design options.

We received a lot of feedback on these two options during this engagement process. After reviewing the feedback, and working closely with the key stakeholders, we did more work on what was referred to as option two, and have now released the final design option.