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The project also provides safe access to Pittwater Road, the Tasmanian Golf Club and Barilla Bay Oysters. The final design has a smaller footprint at Pittwater Road intersection minimising the impact on local businesses and significant environmental values.

1Current situation

We have worked closely with key stakeholders on a final road design which addresses their concerns.

The final design includes two lanes in each direction, and traffic lights, instead of a roundabout, to manage the traffic coming from side roads.

These traffic lights will operate 'on demand' instead of on a timed cycle. The traffic lights will give priority to traffic on the Tasman Highway and will provide safe access to the highway from Pittwater Road.

This means we can duplicate the highway (make it two lanes in each direction) with a smaller footprint, and reduce the impact on neighbouring properties.

Because of the smaller footprint, the speed limit will be 80 km/hr at this section, allowing the highway to follow the existing alignment.

A shared pathway will be provided on the northern side of the road corridor. This is planned to link with a shared pathway on the northern side of the Midway Point Causeway.

View a full-size version of the map here (PDF).

2Community consultation

During the initial community consultation process in June 2019 we provided two options for the community to consider.

Both options involved the use of a roundabout to enable access to side roads. Significant concerns were raised about both options in relation to the impact upon threatened vegetation communities and the impact upon the Tasmania Golf Club, so a revised design was created.

The revised design was available for public comment from 29 November until 13 December 2019.

You can view the consultation report for this project here: Hobart Airport Interchange to Midway Point Causeway Stakeholder and Community Feedback Report.

Visit our interactive map view the feedback collected during the consultation period.