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1Is the ferry route itself considered a State Road?

Ferry Road and Lennon Road are both a part of the State Road network which means that the Department of State Growth is responsible for management of the roads on behalf of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

While the ferry route itself is not technically a State Road, the Transport Commission still maintains a high level of oversight and responsibility over the ferry route. For example, the contract between SeaLink and the Transport Commission provides that major operational changes, such as timetable amendments or the introduction of a booking system, must be approved by the Transport Commission.

2Do doctors and other medical professional receive priority boarding?

Under the contract with the Transport Commission, SeaLink must provide priority ferry access to the local school bus, and emergency services (such as police, fire, ambulance, SES and other authorities).

SeaLink has also put in place arrangements to assist the doctors travelling to Bruny Island to provide the GP service. As different doctors visit on different days, this arrangement relies on the doctor making contact with SeaLink in advance as to which ferry service they will use.

SeaLink has contacted nurses, pharmacists and pathologists on the Island to determine the need for priority service and have been advised that this service was not required.

3Where can I direct questions about the service?

You may direct any service enquiries to SeaLink’s dedicated Bruny Island ferry telephone line 1300 127 869. SeaLink staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

You can contact SeaLink by completing the online feedback form.

4Where can I find specific information for residents and landowners?

Bruny Island resident and landowner specific information can be found on the SeaLink website

This website includes information about applying for a Bruny Island Resident or Landowner vehicle sticker, the Bruny Island Ferry Reference Group and other updates.