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Usage levels for the services will be monitored throughout the course of the trials so that an assessment can be made on whether the services should be discontinued or extended.

The trials are outlined below.

1Increased frequency to Route 147 – South Launceston to Launceston City Effective from 5 July 2020

This is a contracted Metro service in which the frequency of this service has been increased on a trial basis to provide better access for Normanstone Road and Kings Meadows West residents and more options on the Kings Meadows turn up and go corridor. There are five additional services from South Launceston and Launceston City and four additional services from Launceston and South Launceston. A timetable can be accessed on the Metro Tasmania website.

2Route 152 – Reatta Rd, Trevallyn to Launceston City interpeak connector Effective from 5 July 2020

A connector weekday service to provide coverage to the hilly parts of Trevallyn including Reatta Road, New World Avenue, Dandenong Road and Delungra Road. Operating on weekdays with a mid-morning service from Trevallyn to Launceston City and a return service in the afternoon allowing residents adequate time in the CBD to do shopping and go to appointments.

3Route 122 – Waverley to Mowbray interpeak connector Effective from 19 January 2020

A connector service between Waverley via Ravenswood and the Mowbray shopping precinct via Vermont Road. The service operates four times per day on school days only, with a focus on getting passengers to and from Waverley/Ravenswood and Mowbray for shopping and appointments. A timetable can be accessed on the Metro Tasmania website.

4Route 151 – North Riverside to Launceston City interpeak connector Effective from 19 January 2020

A connector service between Trevallyn and North Riverside via Pitt Avenue/Pomona Road. The service travels via Riverside shops and continues along Cormiston Road before returning again to Riverside shops and Trevallyn. The service focuses on getting passengers to and from Riverside for shopping and appointments. The service operates three times per day on weekdays. A timetable can be accessed on the Metro Tasmania website.

5Area Connect trials

The Government has contracted Area Connect to provide trial services to remoter communities with relatively small populations that can’t justify having a daily bus service because very few adults use the service.

The towns serviced have a population less than 500 (except Queenstown) which generally means they cannot sustain daily commuter bus services and are more suited to smaller vehicle transport options that can be operated with more flexibility to match the needs of those in the community.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 the government has had the opportunity to trial different tailored services and scenarios in the below listed areas to assess and better understand what transport solutions to meet the needs of towns not connected to the public transport system might look like. The towns that have been serviced by these Area Connect trial services include:

  • Ellendale, Busy Park & Glenora
  • Bothwell
  • Ouse & Hamilton
  • Colebrook
  • Maydena
  • Primrose Sands
  • Queenstown (to Hobart)

In February 2020, the trial services to Ellendale, Busy Park & Glenora, Bothwell, Ouse/Hamilton, Colebrook and Maydena were converted to fare paying services and extended for a further 12 months.

More information on these services is available on the Area Connect website.