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1What is happening?

The start of a capped limit on Taxi Smartcards has been delayed.

The Department of State Growth will write to tell you when your capped limit will start.

When you next take a taxi:

  • the driver may give you a taxi fare receipt which shows the word “CAP”
  • there will not be a number next to the word “CAP” because the capped limit has not started
  • the taxi fare receipt will also show the word “USED”. Next to this it will show how much fare subsidy you have used on all your taxi trips this year.

2What does this mean?

  • I can keep my Taxi Smartcard whilst I remain eligible for taxi subsidies.
  • I can keep using my Taxi Smartcard without a capped limit until I get a letter to say that the capped limit has started.
  • I can ignore the word “CAP” on a taxi fare receipt for now.
  • I will get a letter from the Department of State Growth when there is a capped limit on my Taxi Smartcard.
  • I cannot use my Taxi Smartcard at the same time as I use transport funding from my NDIS plan.

3Can I still be a member of the Tasmanian Government’s Transport Access Scheme (TAS) if I am an NDIS participant?

Yes. Through my TAS membership I am still entitled to:

  • an Australian disability parking permit
  • vehicle registration and driver licence concessions.

The changes in this fact sheet only affect NDIS participants who have a Taxi Smartcard.

4What do I need to do?

  • Be ready to talk to the NDIA about my transport needs at my next plan review.
  • I can ask an advocate or service provider for help to talk with the NDIA.

5Need to know more?

For further information contact:


Taxi Subsidy Scheme

Telephone: 1300  135 513


Telephone: 1800 800 110 or Gateway Services in Tasmania on 1800 171 223 Website:

6Need help?


Speak Out Advocacy

Hobart (03) 6231 2344

Launceston (03) 6343 2022

Burnie (03) 6431 9333

Advocacy Tasmania Inc.

1800 005 131 (Free call)

(03) 6224 2240 (from mobiles)

Association for Children with Disability (Tasmania)

1800 244 742