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As we have seen elsewhere in Australia, Department of Heath Directions to control the spread of the virus can come into effect at short notice - potentially even on the day they are announced. This could include a sudden ‘lock down’ or a requirement for the public to use personal protective equipment like face masks.

In Tasmania, face masks are not currently mandated in public or on public transport, however this advice may change quickly. If a Direction is issued during a shift, drivers may therefore not have access to their depot and be without a mask to complete their shift. Passengers are also likely to have commenced journeys and be without a mask for their return travel.

To ensure service continuity and access to essential travel in this event, State Growth has worked with operators to have a supply of face masks on board vehicles and vessels. The arrangements to hold a limited supply on board is intended to assist drivers, crew and passengers to complete travel in the first hours or days of a mask mandate. A box of masks is to be stored on board the vehicle or vessel, and only distributed once required. This supply is to assist in transition only, therefore additional masks will not be provided.

If masks are mandated, everyone in the community will be responsible for their own supply.

Please ensure each vehicle or vessel has their allocated masks onboard, and drivers and crew understand their obligations, should a face mask mandate occur.

Further information relating to lockdown can be found on the Tasmanian Government’s Coronavirus Website.