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As part of the Ancillary Certificate application, all ride-sourcing drivers must agree to comply with the requirements of an exemption notice that has been issued by the Transport Commission.

The exemption allows drivers to operate lawfully without a taxi or hire vehicle licence or passenger transport accreditation.

Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 - Exemption Notice (Word)

Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 - Exemption Notice (PDF)

To comply you must:

  • register as a ride sourcing driver and be granted an Ancillary Certificate
  • be the registered operator of the ride-source vehicle (maximum of two registered operators per vehicle)
  • only operate using a cashless computerised booking and payment system and allows passenger ratings.
  • comply with the Registrar’s vehicle inspection requirements
  • provide any information to the Transport Commission and/or the Registrar on request to support any inquiry or investigation relating to your activity a ride sourcing driver.