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Steps to help you buy a vehicle from a private seller.

1What do I need to do?

  • To register a vehicle you need to qualify as a registered operator, so check to see if you can become one.
  • Make sure the seller is authorised to sell you the vehicle by checking:
    • their details match those on the registration certificate or other documents, or if not
    • they have a signed statutory declaration giving them permission to sell the vehicle.
  • Check the vehicle’s registration status:
    • you can use the online Rego Check service for this
    • if the vehicle is unregistered:
      • for less than three months - you will need to pay the renewal fee backdated to the expiry
      • for three months or more - have the vehicle inspected at an Approved Inspection Station before having it re-registered.
  • Make sure the vehicle is not listed as stolen or wrecked (current write-off status):
  • Check there are no securities lodged against the vehicle:
  • Check to see if you satisfy the requirements for any exemptions, concessions or rebates.

2Can I become a registered operator?

To be eligible to become a registered operator in Tasmania you need to be a:

  • person (over the age of 16 years or 18 years for a heavy vehicle)
  • body corporate such as a company or an incorporated association
  • government department
  • government authority; or
  • have a Tasmanian garage address.

3How do I transfer a vehicle into my own name?


  • Using the Online Transfer service.
  • This can only be used if both parties have a Tasmanian licence.
  • You will need:
    • the vehicle’s registration number
    • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis number
    • surname of both buyer and seller or organisation's name
    • date of purchase
    • purchase price or market price (whichever is higher) of the vehicle
    • Motor Registry Customer Identification Number (CIN)
      • for Motor Dealers and Organisations
    • for individuals - Tasmanian licence number of both parties
    • a Visa or MasterCard for payment.

In person at a Service Tasmania shop

  • Service Tasmania shops are located throughout Tasmania and will accept all registration payments.
  • You will need to bring:
  • IMPORTANT a disposal notice and transfer application will not be accepted without all required signatures*.

    *Required signatures are not applicable if you have acquired the vehicle as a part of a deceased estate or a relationship breakdown, and are applying for a duty exemption. State Revenue duty exemption documentation is required. See duty exemptions for information

    • Proof of exemption from duty (if applicable).

      Note: The Department is unable to assist where appropriate documentation and required signatures have not been obtained.

Please note

Some conditionally registered vehicles may not be transferable.  Please refer to the relevant section of the Registration options page to check if your vehicle can be transferred.

4How much will I need to pay?

To transfer a vehicle you will need to pay the following.

  • A transfer fee
    • This is a set fee for vehicle transfers.
    • It is not paid if:
      • there is no change in beneficial ownership.
  • Duty
    • This is dependent on the market value or sale price of the vehicle.
    • It is not paid if:
      • the vehicle is machinery or agricultural machinery
      • you are eligible for the Transport Access Scheme or a TPI pensioner.


    If you are transferring:

    • from a deceased estate
    • as part of a family law settlement
    • or to or from joint operators.

    Please refer to Transferring a vehicle without a sale to see duty and transfer fee requirements.

5What will I receive?

You will receive a certificate of registration either:

  • at a Service Tasmania shop
  • by mail if transferring on line.

If you need to replace your certificate of registration you will need to visit a Service Tasmania shop and pay a fee