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  • Using the Online Transfer service.
  • This can only be used if both parties have a Tasmanian licence.
  • You will need:
    • the vehicle’s registration number
    • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis number
    • surname of both buyer and seller or organisation's name
    • date of purchase
    • purchase price or market price (whichever is higher) of the vehicle
    • Motor Registry Customer Identification Number (CIN)
      • for Motor Dealers and Organisations
    • for individuals - Tasmanian licence number of both parties
    • a Visa or MasterCard for payment.

In person at a Service Tasmania shop

  • Service Tasmania shops are located throughout Tasmania and will all accept registration payments.
  • You will need to bring:
    • a receipt of purchase
    • your Tasmanian licence
    • a transfer and disposal form - the disposal section must be completed – signatures of all registered operators and intended operators is required – IMPORTANT a disposal notice and transfer application will not be accepted without all required signatures.
    • proof of exemption from duty (if applicable).

Please note

Some conditionally registered vehicles may not be transferable.  Please refer to the relevant section of the Registration options page to check if your vehicle can be transferred.