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Buying from a dealer

If you are buying a new vehicle from a Tasmanian dealer that is recognised under the dealer registration scheme your registration and plates will be issued at the time of purchasing the vehicle.

Buying at an auction

If you are buying a vehicle at an auction that wish to register, you will need to visit Service Tasmania with:

  • an inspection report completed by an Approved Inspection Station
    • if the vehicle has never been registered
    • if the vehicle has been unregistered for three months or more.
  • an invoice or receipt from an:
    • auction house
    • auction group
    • auto-wholesaler.
  • the invoice or receipt must include:
    • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis Number
    • if the vehicle was sold with or without plates
      • if not a statutory declaration can be completed.
    • if the vehicle was sold in a damaged condition or as a total loss.