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Cancellation of Registration

Cancellation of registration can be required for a variety of reasons including theft, the vehicle being wrecked or the vehicle being taken interstate or overseas. For voluntary cancellation an administration fee may be charged.


Refunds are not available on the registration fee but are available for the:

  • motor tax
  • MAIB premium.

Refunds can only be issued to the registered operator of the vehicle. If a customer has acquired a vehicle and wishes to cancel the registration and obtain a refund on remaining registration, the customer must firstly become the registered operator (through transfer of the registration).

Accidents where the vehicle is written off

Where vehicles are written off in an accident you need to provide:

  • a confirmation in writing from your insurance company or loss assessor, or
  • a police accident report which states the date of the accident.

Stolen vehicles

Owners of stolen vehicles that are not recovered can obtain a refund from the date the vehicle was stolen if recorded on our database.  You need to:

  • complete a statutory declaration form (MR162) stating the date the vehicle was stolen or confirmation in writing from the police or insurance company.

Interstate Registered Operators

A refund of registration may be obtained when vehicles previously registered in Tasmania are taken interstate and registered in another jurisdiction.

To apply for a refund of registration in Tasmania you will need to provide:

  • documentation showing the vehicle has been re-registered interstate
  • a receipt for surrender of Tasmanian number plates
  • current address details.

You can forward this information via email to or post to Registration & Licensing Services, GPO Box 1002, Hobart 7001

You will receive:

  • a refund cheque (allow approximately 21 days for processing).