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Selling a Vehicle (Disposal)

When a registered operator disposes of the responsibility for a vehicle, they are no longer responsible for the use of the vehicle on public streets and no longer recorded on the Motor Registry System as the registered operator.

For example, the former registered operator will no longer be responsible for traffic infringement notices. Do not depend on the buyer of the vehicle to transfer the vehicle into their name, if they fail to transfer and you have not submitted a disposal advice you may receive infringement notices.

What will I need to dispose of my vehicle?

  • obtain the details of the buyer(s). Fully complete the Notice of Disposal form (Reverse side of the Certificate of Registration) whilst the buyer is in your presence ensuring you obtain all their details.  If the new operator cannot be identified the vehicle will stay in your name(s) and you may be liable for any fines or infringements.
  • sign the Transfer Application section of the form.  If the vehicle is registered in joint names only the signature of one (1) registered operator is required. This section needs to be given to the new operator(s).
  • If disposing Online you will require the following information of both the buyer and seller:
    For Individuals - Surname and Driver Licence number
    For Organisations - Organisation name and Customer Identification Number (CIN)
    For Motor Dealers - Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer Number (LMVD) and CIN.
    Note:  The CIN can be found on the registration renewal document, or can be obtained by calling 1300 135 513 (9 am till 5 pm weekdays).

How and when do I dispose of the vehicle?

Within 7 days of selling the vehicle you need to:

  • Dispose your vehicle Online, or
  • Lodge the fully completed (with the new operator(s) details) notice of disposal section of the certificate of registration (located on the back of the form) or
  • complete a form (MR116). (Disposal section only needs to be completed).

For vehicles registered in joint names only one (1) signature is required on the disposal form and either:

Do I receive any confirmation of disposal?

You will not receive any confirmation that the disposal has been processed.

You can call Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017 ten (10) business days after lodgement (1 Business day if disposed Online) to confirm your disposal has been successfully processed and the vehicle is no longer in your name.