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Renew Vehicle Registration

The registration of any motor vehicle or trailer expires at midnight on the date of expiry or the registration end date. When a vehicle is unregistered it cannot be used or parked on a public street. While a renewal notice is issued prior to expiry it is the responsibility of the registered operator to ensure the vehicle remains registered.

What if my registration has expired?

  • A vehicles registration can be renewed even if it is expired up to 3 months from the expiry date.
  • If the registration has expired for more than 3 months the vehicle must be inspected at an Approved Inspection Station before re-registering see Re establish Registration.
  • An exception is seasonally registered vehicles, these are heavy vehicles either owned and operated by primary producers or are heavy snow vehicles. These vehicles can utilise three or six month registration periods to coincide with the timing of a seasonal activity, and then remain unregistered for up to 12 months, until the vehicle is required for renewal again. Seasonally registered vehicles do not receive a renewal notice.

What renewal periods are available?

  • Light vehicles (Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) 4.5 tonnes or less) can be renewed for either 6 or 12 months.
  • Heavy vehicles (GVM over 4.5 tonnes) can be renewed for 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Registered operators with 4 or more vehicles may have common expiry, for more information see Common Expiry Date.

Are there any additional costs for registering for less than 12 months?

  • There is an administrative fee and a surcharge on the MAIB premium applied each time the periodic option (3 or 6 monthly payment) is used.

What if I want to claim a concession?

  • If you are recorded as eligible for a concession your renewal notice will show the concession amount.
  • If you are a concession holder and you haven't claimed a concession previously you will need to attend a Service Tasmania shop and have your details updated - see Rebates and Concessions.
  • See Vehicle Registration Rebates & Exemptions for additional exemptions available - A statutory declaration may be required and the renewal may only be payable at a Service Tasmania Shop.

How do I pay the registration?

  • There are several payment options see Paying registration.
  • However if you want to change any details (renewal period, address etc.) or claim a concession, and the concession amount is not displayed on your renewal notice you will need to attend a Service Tasmania shop with your concession card or call Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513 or international +61 3 6169 9017.