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Temporary Upgrade Permits

Some operators own heavy vehicles that have an appropriate Gross Combination Mass or towing heavy trailers, but not enough work to justify registering the vehicle to tow a heavy trailer for the whole year.

A temporary upgrade permit enables the registration of these vehicles to be upgraded to tow a heavy trailer for a short period of time. Customers can choose to register their vehicles as a non-towing vehicle and then apply for a permit to tow a heavy trailer.

NOTE:  The vehicle configuration must be certified see J & P Modification – Requirement Guide (PDF) (Word).  If not certified the vehicle configuration will require inspection see AIS Heavy Vehicle Inspection. Temporary upgrade permits can be obtained for up to 90 days, provided the registration does not expire within this period.

You will need to provide through Service Tasmania shops

You will receive

  • a receipt for fees paid
  • a Temporary Upgrade Permit.


You will need to pay the fee.