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Buying a Vehicle (Transfer)

When you buy a vehicle you have to transfer it into your name. Once the vehicle is in your name you become the registered operator. To become a registered operator you must be one of the following:

  • a person
  • a body corporate such as a company or an incorporated association
  • a government department
  • a government authority.

See Guidelines for more information

What should I do before accepting responsibility of a vehicle?

The prospective registered operator should:

  • ask to see the current certificate of registration - (Duplicate certificates of registration can be obtained by the current registered operator from a Service Tasmania shop)
  • check the identity of the current registered operator (as shown on the certificate of registration), and that they are the person disposing of the vehicle or that they have written permission from the current registered operator(s)
  • check the details of the vehicle using our free Online Registration Check to see whether the vehicle is stolen or wrecked (these details can also be checked by phoning 1300 135 513 during business hours)
  • check the Personal Property Register PPSR to see if there are any securities lodged against the vehicle (fees will apply)
  • ensure you are eligible to be the registered operator of the vehicle (must be 18 years of age for heavy vehicles and 16 years of age for light vehicles)
  • If the vehicle is conditionally registered check the vehicle can be transferred - Conditional Registration.

To become the registered operator you must complete and lodge all necessary documentation at a Service Tasmania Shop or use the online registration transfer service.

How do I transfer a vehicle into my name?

You can transfer your vehicle online or at Service Tasmania

  • Complete the Transfer of Vehicle Registration form (found on the back of the certificate of the registration) or online - Transfer & Disposal form and ensure:
    • The current registered operator(s) have signed the application
    • Your Tasmanian licence number is recorded on the form (if joint operators - both licence numbers are required)
    • The nominated operator (joint names only) of the vehicle has been selected.
  • provide Proof of Entitlement to register the vehicle (completed disposal notice or receipt of purchase), present your Tasmanian licence or provide evidence of identity
  • Pay the required fees including duty if applicable (see below for information about exemptions)
  • Check if you are exempt from paying the duty and transfer fee and or duty and ensure you have the required paperwork to obtain the exemption - Vehicle registration rebates and exemptions.
  • Once all the paperwork is completed attend a Service Tasmania shop with the required paperwork and EOI listed above or use the registration transfer online service and pay the required fees and duty unless exempt, and the vehicle can be transferred.

Note: If registering a vehicle in joint names and the Tasmanian licence numbers have been provided only one of the new operators is required to attend Service Tasmania.

Do I have to pay duty to transfer the vehicle into my name?

Yes unless:

Some vehicles and/or customers may be eligible for exemptions from duty/transfer fee. Check below to see if you have to pay duty.  You may need to provide written proof. (Exemptions that require written proof cannot be processed using the online service.)

  • a vehicle is being transferred as part of a deceased estate to the beneficiary (no transfer fee is required if the beneficiary is the registered operator)
  • a vehicle being transferred as part of a property settlement in production of the Family Court Order
  • If the vehicle is registered in joint names and is to be transferred to one of the joint registered operator's name or a light vehicle is registered in one name and is to be transferred to 2 names (including current registered operator) half the duty and full transfer fee are payable
  • The vehicle is classified as machinery or agricultural machinery
  • You are eligible for the Transport Access Scheme or a TPI pensioner (on one vehicle only)
  • Conditional registration where motor tax exemptions apply see - Rebates/Exemptions
  • When no change in beneficial ownership (no transfer fee is required)
  • When an exemption number has been issued by the Commissioner of State Revenue or when an exemption authority has been obtained from the Commissioner of State Revenue

What if I purchased an Ex-government vehicle?

These vehicles are normally sold unregistered and require an AIS inspection prior to registration. In some situations the following applies:

  • government plated vehicles cannot be transferred and will need to have a vehicle inspection carried out at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) prior to being re-registered
  • private plated ex-government vehicles which are sold unregistered, without plates, will need to be inspected at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) prior to being re-registered
  • private plated ex-government vehicles that have been sold registered (with plates) can be transferred to the purchaser without inspection.

What if I purchased a conditionally registered vehicle?

Information on transferring a conditionally registered vehicle or conditional registration is located at Conditional registration - summary.

What if I am purchasing an unregistered vehicle?

You can either transfer the vehicle into your name and if expired less than 3 months also pay the renewal cost to have the vehicle registered (you will be paying the registration back dated to the expiry date).  If the registration expired over three months ago you will need to have the vehicle inspected and re-established.

You will also need to pay duty to transfer the vehicle into your name. If you don't want to register the vehicle you will need to return any plates still on the vehicle to a Service Tasmanian Shop.

You will need to organise a Short term permit to move the vehicle (If not using a car trailer).

What if I purchased a vehicle interstate?

You will need to pay duty and have the vehicle inspected. See Re-establish registration for more details.

What documentation will I receive?

When you transfer a vehicle into your name you will receive a certificate of registration which will contain your details along with the details of the vehicle.  This should be checked before leaving the Service Tasmania Shop to ensure the details are correct. The certificate will be mailed to you, upon completing the transaction when using the online service.

You should keep this certificate for your records.