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Unregistered Vehicles

A vehicle is classified as unregistered from midnight of the expiry date shown on the registration certificate.

Checking Registration Details

Information on checking registration details is located at Registration Status Enquiry.


A customer enquiring about a vehicle that has expired registration needs to be aware that they are committing an offence if they:

  • use or park their unregistered vehicle on a public street
  • fail to return the number plates within 3 months of registration expiry.

Retaining Plates

If an application to re-register a vehicle is received at a Service Tasmania shop or by mail, the plates on the vehicle can be retained.

No MAIB Cover

Customers need to be aware that being unregistered means that they have no MAIB cover and may be liable for injury claims made against them in the event of any accident.

Obtaining Registration

Information on obtaining registration is located at: