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Conditional Registration


Conditional registration is issued to vehicles which do not comply with relevant vehicle standards or for any other reasons require conditions.

Non Compliant Vehicles (not complying with Australian Design Rules)

This form of registration applies to vehicles that are not eligible for full registration but under certain conditions can be used on public streets.

Club Event (vintage/veteran/street rod)

Vintage or street rod registration is known as club event registration. To apply for club event registration you must be a member of an authorised vintage/street rod car club.

Restricted (limited distance)

Restricted registration is issued to vehicles which travel short distances for particular purposes.

Concessional (40% rebate if limited specific use)

Concessional registration is a 40% motor tax rebate issued to heavy vehicles, with specific requirements and used for limited purposes on the public streets.

Special Purpose (specific non-load carrying)

Special purpose vehicles are constructed primarily for lifting, moving, compressing, rolling or laying material or the manufacturing or processing of goods.

Special Interest Vehicle (104 days a year from February 2019)

Special Interest Vehicle (SIV) registration is a registration scheme which allows certain categories of vehicles to be used on a limited basis and pay a lower rate of motor tax and third party insurance than fully registered vehicles.


Registration conditions associated with conditional registration.

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