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Club Event Registration

Vintage or street rod registration is known as club event registration.

To apply for club event registration you must be a member of an authorised vintage/street rod car club. Vehicles with club event registration are restricted to:

  • a rally
  • a trial (not testing the vehicle)
  • an event conducted by an authorised car club
  • travelling to and from a place of repairs.

For these events the involvement of the vehicles is limited to:

  • preparing to go
  • travelling to and from
  • taking part in.

For a vehicle to be classified as:

  • Vintage - manufactured more than 30 years prior to the date of application
  • A street rod is a light vehicle that has been modified for safe use and has the body and frame that was manufactured prior to 1949 or a replica of a vehicle of which the body and frame was manufactured prior to 1949.

Club registration

A vintage or street rod club must be approved and recorded with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles at the Registration and Licensing Branch. To do this the club must provide:

  • their club constitution
  • submission of dates of at least 2/3 of the dates and the venues of scheduled rallies (the remainder can be at the club's discretion)
  • nomination of qualified scrutineers (names and addresses)
  • nomination of an acceptable committee person to act as controller of the use of membership vehicles
  • nomination of a procedure for approving rallies
  • specification of acceptable internal discipline procedures
  • a sample of the club's roadworthiness certificate.


Vintage cars are recognised by a number plate prefix of VC ****, in blue writing on a white background. Some vintage car plates have special club logos and slogans. Contact 1300 135 513 for further details. Street Rod plates have the prefix "ROD" and 3 numbers (plates have black writing on a white background).


When renewing club event registration (vintage/street rod registration) the registered operator is required to provide a declaration signed by an official of their club in order to remain eligible for vintage registration and pay reduced fees.


When applying to transfer the registration of a vintage/street rod type of vehicle, the new operator must provide a declaration signed by an official of their club in order to be eligible for vintage registration and pay reduced fees. Transfer fees apply, however vehicles in this category are Duty exempt.

Converting to/from normal registration

If an applicant has a club event registered vehicle and wish to fully register the vehicle they must undertake the procedure for re-issue of registration. The club event registration would be cancelled and a refund issued. If an applicant has a normally registered vehicle and wishes to register the vehicle as a club event registration, the existing registration plates must be surrendered and the registration will be cancelled and refunded. The vehicle can then be registered as a club event registration without conducting an inspection, on production of the required documentation.

You will need to provide

You will need to undertake the following in person at Service Tasmania shops:

  • complete an Application for Registration form (MR205)
  • provide a declaration, signed by a club official who has inspected the vehicle, which:
    • states the applicant is a member of a vintage car or street rod club approved by the Registrar
    • identifies the car (eg engine and chassis number), and
    • states that the vehicle is roadworthy
  • provide their current Tasmanian photo licence or Full Proof of Identity provide Proof of Entitlement to register the vehicle.

You will receive

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Approved Operations (carried in the vehicle at all times)
  • VC or ROD plates.


You will need to pay the registration fee.