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Concessional registration is a 40% motor tax rebate issued to heavy vehicles, with specific requirements and used for limited purposes on the public streets.

Vehicles that have concessional registration are required to display distinctive registration plates (C plates) depending on vehicle specifications. Where a vehicle ceases to be eligible for concessional registration the concessional registration plates must be returned within 14 days after notification.

Interchangeable Trailers

An interchangeable trailer is a goods-carrying semi-trailer which:

  • is towed only by a prime mover registered in the name of the operator of the trailer
  • is in excess of the number of prime movers registered in the operator's name
  • will not travel more than 20,000 kilometres in a 12-month period (records need to be kept).

When an interchangeable trailer is sold, the new registered operator must:

  • re-apply for the rebate, or
  • return the number plate and be issued with a standard plate.

Where an interchangeable trailer is no longer used for that purpose the operator will be required to pay the balance of Motor Tax which is calculated automatically by the Motor Registry System. C plates are returned and a new set issued.

Three-axle buses

If the Registrar is satisfied that a three-axle bus with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) exceeding 12 tonnes is to be used for low-distance transportation, a rebate of the Motor Tax can be granted. Low distance means less than 60,000 kilometres during the 12 months starting from the issue or renewal of registration.

The rebate:

  • can only be granted when registration is issued or renewed
  • is automatically calculated by the Motor Registry System.

The entitlement to the rebate can be withdrawn by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles by notice in writing if:

  • the bus is no longer being used for low-distance transportation, or
  • the registered operator is to change and the vehicle is not to be used for low-distance transportation.

Farm vehicles

Vehicles with a GVM exceeding 4.5 tonnes used for farming purposes may be eligible for a 40% rebate on Motor Tax. The exception to farm vehicles having conditional registration is when the GVM is greater than or equal to 16 tonnes. These vehicles must display distinctive (C plates). See also Duty exemptions.

You will need to provide

You will need to undertake the following through Service Tasmania shops. Follow the procedure for New vehicles - other including the appropriate application or other documentation.

For interchangeable trailers

  • complete an application for Interchangeable Trailer Concession form (MR96)

For 3-axle buses

  • complete an application for 3-axle Bus Concession (MR95)

For farm vehicles

  • confirmation of primary production
  • complete an application form (MR166)

You will receive

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Red and yellow 'C' number plates (for trailers only one plate required).


You will need to pay replacement plate fee.