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Conditional registration is issued to vehicles which:

  • do not comply with relevant vehicle standards
  • or for any other reasons require conditions.

Eligible Vehicles

Vehicles that may be eligible for conditional registration include:

  • vehicles that do not meet the Australian Design Rules (ADRs)
  • vehicles of unusual dimension or construction that are used only on:
    • special occasions
    • when taking part in approved events
    • when driven by designated drivers
  • other vehicles approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Examples of vehicles include:

  • ride on lawn mowers
  • farm tractors
  • agricultural farm bikes
  • hydraulic excavators
  • log skidders
  • dune buggies
  • self propelled golf buggies
  • off road recreational motor cycles and other vehicles
  • earth moving equipment
  • self propelled sports ground maintenance equipment
  • fork lift trucks
  • some motorcycles
  • cherry pickers
  • concrete pumps


Conditions imposed for conditional registration may relate to:

  • the use of the vehicles
  • the areas in which the vehicles are used
  • any other conditions.

All conditions are:

  • recorded on the Motor Registry System issued to the registered operator of the vehicle on a Certificate of Approved Operations
  • carried in the vehicle at all times in the form of:
    • an operations plate
    • a Certificate of Approved Operations.


The categories of conditional registration are: