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Non Compliant Vehicles

This form of registration applies to vehicles that are not eligible for full registration but under certain conditions can be used on public streets.

Upon inspection and approval in principle for conditional registration, normal procedures for registration apply. The conditions of registration must be carried in the vehicle at all times as well as being recorded in the Motor Registry system.

Examples of vehicles

Types of vehicles which may have conditional registration include:

  • modified for disabled drivers
  • all terrain vehicles required to be driven on a road
  • all terrain vehicles used for hire and drive
  • imported rally cars
  • left hand drive vehicles
  • heavy vehicles with additional axle loadings.


An application for approval in principle is made through the Vehicle Operations Branch of the Department of State Growth. Further information may be required and the vehicle may need an initial inspection or a report may be requested from a recognised automotive engineer. If the vehicle is imported, relevant documentation from the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) is required. Approval in principle is usually subject to a pre-registration inspection by an Approved Inspection Station.


Conditional registration may be transferred to another registered operator only if all conditions remain the same. Full fees apply.

You will need to provide

For the initial application you will need to undertake the following through the Vehicle Operations Branch (ph (03) 6233 5347) or Service Tasmania shops.

  • complete the application form

For inspection

You will need to undertake the following through the Vehicle Operations Branch (ph (03) 6233 5347)

  • arrange and attend an inspection with the vehicle

For registration

You will need to undertake the following through Service Tasmania shops:

  • provide an approval in principle
  • provide a certificate of inspection
  • complete an Application for Registration & Certificate of Premium Paid (MR 31).

You will receive the following

At inspection

  • inspection certificate marked 'FOR CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION ONLY'
  • approval in principle attached to the inspection certificate.

At registration

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Approved Operations (to be carried in the vehicle at all times)
  • Registration plate - red and yellow with a 'C' prefix.


You will need to pay the fee.